Assets Under Management


Navigator Global Investments aims to achieve year-on-year growth in assets under management (‘AUM’).  AUM as at 30 September 2018 is USD 16.14 billion.


AUM growth has been driven by a combination of net inflows received from new and existing clients, as well as positive investment performance across the Lighthouse products.

September 2018 quarter

  1 July 2018
Net flows Performance 30 September 2018
AUM (Estimate)
  Note 1 Note 2 & 3 Note 4 & 5 Note 5
Commingled Funds USD 6.73 bn ↓ USD 0.40 bn ↓ USD 0.02 bn USD 6.31 bn
Customised Solutions USD 9.99 bn ↓ USD 0.25 bn ↑ USD 0.09 bn USD 9.83 bn
Total AUM USD 16.72 bn ↓ USD 0.65 bn ↑ USD 0.07 bn USD 16.14 bn

1. 1 July 2018 balances have been adjusted for a reclassification of approximately USD 300m of AUM from Single Investor Customised Solutions to Commingled Funds. This reclassification occurred following a review of the assets transitioned from Mesirow Advanced Strategies (‘MAS’) subsequent to the transition date of 1 July 2018.

2. Net flows includes monies received by Lighthouse for applications and any redemptions effective 1 October 2018. This convention in relation to the reporting of net flows and AUM has been consistently applied by the NGI Group since January 2008.

3. The transaction to acquire approximately USD 5.39 billion of assets from MAS closed on 1 July 2018. As highlighted in previous ASX announcements, it is expected that the transitioned MAS assets may have a higher level of investor redemption activity than is normally experienced by Lighthouse. Accordingly, we advise that the net outflows for the September 2018 quarter are the result of redemption of MAS assets.

4. Performance includes investment performance, market movements, the impacts of foreign exchange on non-USD denominated AUM and distributions (if any).

3. 30 September 2018 AUM is estimated and is based on performance estimates which may be subject to revision near the 20th business day of the month and upon final audit. AUM excludes a non-discretionary long-only managed account structured for a single investor. AUM may include transfers from other Lighthouse Funds that occurred on the first day of the following month.

AUM Profile

As at 31 August 2018, AUM is comprised as follows: